The mission of ECOSSIAN is to improve the detection and management of highly sophisticated cyber security incidents and attacks against critical infrastructures by implementing a pan-European early warning and situational awareness framework with command and control facilities.


The protection of Critical Infrastructure (CI) increasingly demands solutions which support incident detection and management at the levels of individual CI, across CIs which are depending on each other, and across borders. An approach is required which really integrates functionalities across all these levels. Cooperation of privately operated CIs and public bodies (governments and EU) is difficult but mandatory. After more than 10 years of analysis and research on partial effects in CI Protection (CIP) and for individual infrastructure sectors, ECOSSIAN is a European attempt to develop this holistic system. One goal is a prototype which facilitates preventive functions like threat monitoring, early indicator and real threat detection, alerting, support of threat mitigation and disaster management. The factors of societal perception and appreciation, the existing and required legal framework, questions of information security and implications on privacy will be analyzed, assessed and regarded in the concept.