Technical Approach


The ECOSSIAN project is planned to run 36 months. The work performed in the framework of this project is organized in nine different work packages with significant dependencies and expected synergies among them.


Stock-taking, Requirements & Specification, Architecture Design

WP1 reviews the state of the art of CI security provisions, defines suitable use case scenarios and evaluates the main gaps not adequately addressed by currently available SOC technologies. Further goals are the drawing of the ECOSSIAN platform and monitoring of basic security methodological aspects.


Threat Detection Module

WP2 deals with research and development in extending current state of the art techniques and methodologies. The focus is on identifying indicators and artefacts of cyber-attacks in real-time to be able to trigger alarms in a timely manner.


Analysis, Aggregation, Correlation and Visualisation

WP3 focuses on the analysis of collected data and their aggregation and correlation in order to generate a higher level view on systems and services of CI providers. A further objective is the proper visualisation of gathered information suitable for decision makers.


Threat Mitigation and Incident Management

WP4 deals with research and development of novel approaches for better handling of threats and realized risks to CI. Further a forensic tool is planned and implemented in the WP.


Integration, Preparation of Demonstration and Evaluation

WP5 targets the integration of all the components developed in the project, including testing and validation of the ECOSSIAN approach. Final objective for this WP is to prepare the system for the demonstration activities.


National and European Demonstration

WP6 proves how the ECOSSIAN system can be used, its main features, the global workflow and how information will be shared between CIs and governmental stakeholders.


Legal, Ethical and Social Foundations

WP7 focuses on legal and business aspects of the crisis prevention and management. Its goal is to ensure that the developed system is compliant with the legal framework in the areas of privacy, data protection and information sharing.


Dissemination, Exploitation and Standardization

WP8 focuses on the transfer of knowledge developed in ECOSSIAN to industrial communities, academia and the general public as well as on the exploitation of results and on identifying project outcomes to be passed to standardization working groups.


Project Management and IPR Framework

WP9 deals with the overall legal, ethical, financial and administrative management as well as the maintenance of the consortium agreement and IPR protection.

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